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Whiney’s underground drum & bass flare has flourished since signing exclusively to Med School. Now he’s set and ready to present his incredible debut album ‘Talisman’ - a symbol of his dedication to D+B with a strong 12-track collection of dancefloor weapons.

The hard-hitting album opener ‘Talisman’ sets the pace with epic musicality, industrial bleeps and fat, meaty basslines. Matching up with the heavyweight business are ‘Archive’ and ‘Rock Hopper’. Plus ‘Minds Collide’ can’t be missed – a middle-eastern influenced half-time stepper that matches up with the exuding attitude of ‘Portal’ that's already received support from neuro giants Noisia.

Whiney’s joined forces with Hospital’s Brazilian mastermind on ‘Sun Kissed’, balancing choppy vocal snippets with Urbandawn’s signature percussions and growling subs. Turning to melancholic movements is ‘The Farthest Shore’ and ‘Never Too Long’ the latter a collaboration with long-term label mate Keeno and lead by a strong vocal topline from Whiney himself. A final collaborative effort comes from Med School’s resident MC Inja who’s brought his lyrical genius to Whiney’s deep roller ‘Flashlight’.

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