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Old School, New School, Med School! The boundary-pushing 'New Blood' series returns in 2014 boasting another diverse tracklist, incorporating a healthy dose of drum+bass with a spattering of half-time, down-tempo and experimental rhythms. 20 fresh tracks and a full album mix.

'New Blood 014' is the latest instalment of fresh cuts from a new generation of Med School undergraduates and undiscovered stars of the future. Graduates from previous editions include Etherwood, Royalston, Keeno, Anile, Lung, Rawtekk and Joe Syntax, all of whom now permanently and exclusively reside on the label. Who from the class of 2014 will make the grade?

Months of extensive talent-scouting and listening to countless demos has resulted in an expansive and genre-crossing collection of sounds that will impress drum+bass specialists from across the board.

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