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NHS412EP-TP - VINYL 4 tracks

12" Vinyl £11.99

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Storming into 2021 with the final instalment of his widely acclaimed ‘Bubblers’ EP series, Whiney’s last four-tracker offloads serious amounts of heat closing the three-part series with a bang. With DJs from all corners of the scene supporting the Bubblers EPs, from Chase & Status to DJ Marky, Keeno to AC13, ‘Bubblers: Part Three’ raises the bar once more as Whiney stamps his sonic identity as a top player within drum & bass. This might be his last Bubblers EP but it’s definitely not the least. Teaming up with North London-based MC Subten, drum & bass meets grime on ‘Headlines’. The infusion of styles sees two of the UK’s most loved underground genres collide as Subten lays down his impeccable flow over Whiney’s production mastery which brings the sounds of 140 into 174 territory. ‘Freedom Dub’ draws for ambient soundscapes and enchanting vocal samples as it rolls into a deep drum & bass cut fuelled by a signature bubbling bassline and crunch-packed breaks. Smooth amens and gliding mid-ranges keep the track moving as Whiney continues to make his mark on the scene. Flipping over to side B, dreamlike vocal melodies and luscious chord swells induce a hypnotic state on ‘Mirage’. A nod to Whiney’s old-school jungle influence, raw and rugged breakbeats and addictive 808 throbs pay homage to the classic sounds of the 90s. ‘Yesterday’ incorporates mesmerising synth arpeggios which float above chugging drums, saturated with elements of techno inspiration. Hissing basslines and skippy percussions transform the track into a no holds barred weighty stepper. With ‘Bubblers: Part Three’ marking the last edition of his trailblazing EP series, this is only the beginning of Whiney’s new chapter. Renowned for creating futuristic and forward-thinking productions, and an impressive back catalogue including two albums ‘Talisman’ and ‘Waystone’ under his belt, it’s no surprise that Whiney’s music receives consistent support from leading radio tastemakers including Rene LaVice, Laurent Garnier and DJ Target. Proving himself to possess an arsenal of highly sought after unreleased tracks often showcased in his Bubblers Mixtape series, if one thing's for certain it’s that the only way is up for Whiney.

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