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orce-wielding mic-man Visionobi is back with a bang in 2023, dropping the 3rd standalone single from his forthcoming debut album of the same name. Linking up with Hospital songstress SOLAH and Dispatch disciple Philth, the trio create a sultry, rolling piece to kick off the new year in serious style. 

Visionobi’s laid-back delivery atop Philth’s sumptuous, rolling drums is lifted sky-high by SOLAH’s luscious harmonies. The unified chorus delivery bathes the whole tune with a warmth that needs to be heard to be believed. Any self-respecting Visionobi fan will be greeted with the familiar affirmation that you’re in this together as you batten down the hatches and prepare for the forthcoming LP.

Dare to dance in the deluge, ignore the cold this year and brave the liquid downpour from this slick trio with this perfect storm landing on Friday the 27th of January. 

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