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Bailey Greer & Josh Croft, the In:Most boys are following up their dancefloor damager, ‘Construct’, with the second track from their Dream Sequences Vol.1 project. This time they are collaborating with Mistrust, who has previously released on labels including Archway, Shogun and Fokuz. The trio have been friends for some time so this project has been cooking for a while.

‘Close’ opens with an uplifting intro chock-full of swirling synths and gliding pads which erupts into a bouncy ‘anti-drop’ stepper that is perfect for keeping the club on their toes. Mistrust’s own vocal sample perfectly permeates this bubbly soundscape whilst tight minimal drums, awash with clicks and claps, hug you snug to the beat throughout. The second drop ushers in a 4-to-the-floor kick drum pattern which only serves to further up the intensity of this driving ditty. 

Trust in yourself and don’t stray too far from this feel-good tune, available in all good stores from Friday the 21st of June! 

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