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Bournemouth-based beatmaker Vektah continues to make weighty waves at the forefront of the Soulvent roster in 2022. Since releasing his debut 4-track ‘Culture Shift’ EP in 2021, featuring the breakout hit ‘Request’, he has been featured on a number of Soulvent compilation projects. These include multiple batches of ‘Tonics’ EPs and the stand-out ‘Soulvent Meets Hospital’ remix project, remixing the mighty Fred V while receiving the equivalent treatment from Whiney. This time around the budding producer has leveraged his network to invite a number of noteworthy collaborators to help him deliver yet another accomplished body of work in the form of the ‘Echo Mode’ EP.

EP Title track ‘Echo Mode (feat. PAV4N & T-Man)’ opens with ominous hats and a high pitched synth. Manchester mic-wielder T-Man leaves you under no illusion over what is to come. This incredibly energetic track first drop sees PAV4N sit atop a surgically crafted jungle break, complete with a signature Vektah bassline.

‘Pocket Rocket’ lifts off with a spacey arpeggio before launching into hyperdrive at the drop - with a bassline to command the attention of almost any dancefloor. You would be forgiven for thinking that a phone is ringing at times during this track - it’s probably a friend wanting to tell you about Vektah’s new EP.

On the penultimate track, Vektah enlists the aid of the mighty Levela to deliver down-right dastardly basswork on ‘Lockdown the Streets’. Both producers’ influences are evident with a vocal sample reminiscent of Vektah’s ‘Every Time’ and a guttural bassline akin to Levela’s ‘Gasp’, resulting in a track that could keep the streets empty for weeks.

Finally, the aptly-named ‘Spectral’ conjures all manner of mental images with its introspective intro. As each drop hits, Vektah leaves no stone unturned with the percussive elements of the track. The strange, swelling bassline provides the perfect counter-weight to the soaring synth lines.

Let this release reverberate around your collection, landing in all good stores on 2nd September.

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