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We’re very excited to welcome Jon Tho’s soul-stirring sounds to our catalogue this Summer! The Portuguese producer is also the brain behind Surveillance Music - an imprint that has been releasing its own unique brand of emotionally charged-come-tech-heavy sonics since 2019. While he initially cut his teeth under a different moniker, since launching Jon Tho in 2020, he’s achieved releases on Galacy, Blackout, Elevate and of course Surveillance.

The playfully titled ‘Don’t Want To Know’ unfolds with unsettling pads, twinkling synths, and a driving rhythm thanks to its pumping bassline. These elements are further complemented by warped vocal samples and gliding sweeps that litter the arrangement, resulting in a heart-wrenching piece which is suited for headphones and dancefloors alike.

On the slightly more joyfully-named ‘Smile’ Jon teams up with one-half of rising duo Circumference, in the form of Freshney. Together they deliver more thumping rhythms, in a track filled to the brim with bulging bass, emotive piano chords and powerful momentum. The imaginative structuring helps build tension, culminating in an expansive soundscape, dense with harmonic twinkles that are sure to bring a grin to your face this year.

On August 12th 2022, we are pleased to bring you music from a country that should also be known for its upcoming drum and bass scene, and will have you asking - “Yeah but, have you heard of Jon Tho?!”

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