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The weird and wonderful sounds of Finnish Soulvent sharpshooters Askel & Elere meet Hospital crackshot Unglued in the crossfire of ‘Off-angle’ - featuring one of the UK’s most revered mic-men, 4NCY’s Pavan from hip-hop group Foreign Beggars. The adhesive ambassador released his debut LP ‘Interplanetary Radio’ in June 2021, while the Finns equally dropped their hotly tipped first album ‘Simulations’ in November of the same year. Taking its name from the popular PC-shooter Counter-Strike, this sonic shelling confirms that this talented group of musicians should stay firmly in your sights in the coming months.

Our trigger time begins in the opener with detuned pads and haunting delayed vocals. These elements blend with Pav’s unmistakable timbre, while crisp & skippy drums and warped basslines bubble and mingle forming a rapturous shoot out in the drop, ready to please the dancefloor and shooting gallery alike.

Circumference meanwhile on the remix, load the banana clip with a rowdy remix of ‘42’ featuring Unglued’s labelmate and esteemed combat partner Degs, taken from Askel & Elere’s debut LP. The Bristol brigadiers opt for a scatter-shot of switch-ups in their refix which is unrelenting in its accuracy.

‘Off-angle’ is a delightful digital dance-off of styles from some of the finest to do it in the scene right now and lands in your local dancehall and stores alike on the 27th of May. Lock, load and put this one in your armory immediately!

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