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Honorary Mancunian producer & DJ Motiv, real name Jonny Porter, has been a busy boy over the past 6 years. Since his debut release on Soul Deep back in 2016, this budding musician has been developing his own versatile style - a slick blend of deep, moving liquid tracks twinned with some down-right-grotty rollers. The 24-year-old has already racked up an impressive number of singles, EPs and even a full-length album on Co-Lab Recordings. Debuting on our ‘Tonics’ EP series last year, we’re incredibly excited to be releasing a more in-depth project from this Northern producer, who’s joined forces with Zoe Kypri, Surreal and Salem Focus to deliver the ‘Evershifting’ EP.

On ‘Evershifting’ Jonny teams up with spiritual East London vocalist Zoe Kypri for a sultry, moody roller, the lead track from his forthcoming EP of the same name. The chunky, hypnotic elements of the instrumental are effortlessly matched by Kypri’s seemingly endless range and diverse delivery. Boundless stretches of bassline are punctuated by soothing flourishes of chimes and a blocky chord progression resulting in a trance-like final product.

The second track up is ‘Memento’ which has a laid back feel, complemented by muted tones and swishing guitar licks. The tumbling sub-bass is flanked by surging pads and guitar countermelodies which keep the energy up. It will certainly leave a lasting impression of liquid loveliness, nothing else. ‘Up & Down’ marks the penultimate track, another liquid lesson from Motiv, delivering more sultry vibes that wouldn’t go amiss at Sun & Bass in Italy by any stretch of the imagination.

For the final track, teamed up with German producer Surreal and Leeds MC Salem Focus to deliver ‘Lazy Saturday’. Salem’s laid-back delivery and relaxed flow perfectly compliment the track’s atmosphere, while his lyrical content equally matches the vibe on offer.

If you’re in need of some audial inspiration, then literally look no further than this motivational masterpiece from the man they call Motiv, landing in all good stores on Friday the 13th of May.

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