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Juho Kavasto and Sainey Gibba, aka Askel & Elere, return to Soulvent as exclusively signed artists - fresh for 2021 with a diverse 2-track single to kick off their year. The pair continue to deliver cleverly-crafted dance music with their own unique sound and approach, resulting in drum and bass that’s perfectly at home on dancefloors and devices alike.

A-side ‘Get Up’ features robotic vocals, a washy synth pad and chest-plate kicks culminating in an absolute disco destroyer of a track. Chunky, guttural bass swells clatter against metallic vocal chops and ethereal pads in a driving cacophony that will have you making a beeline for the nearest dancefloor pronto, albeit your living room will suffice for now!

‘Nothing More (feat. YENIAS)’ offers more cerebral engagement on the flip, featuring Sainey’s previously utilised yet first credited vocal stylings, under his YENIAS alias. Big bass backed by twinkling textures and melting harmony provide the perfect platform for Elere’s longing vocal phrases. The track’s melodic elements, including an awesome detuned synth-whistle, deftly explore the track’s tonality, providing a dense, multi-layered aural experience.

At this sedentary time of year, we urge you to get up off your backside and we wish nothing more than to see you diving into some fresh fare from our favourite Finnish export from February 5th.

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