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Circumference, better known as Finlay Freshney-Lee and Kit Jones, are two 19-year old trailblazing producers from East Ham and Exeter respectively. Having met at college in 2017, the two have been largely inseparable since, dropping their first official release earlier this year with their remix of Paper Dragon’s ‘New Religion’. Now following up their beastly debut outing ‘Midsommar’ on ‘Soul Music 2020’ - the pair continue to show off their effortless versatility in this varied 2-track single.

Opener ‘Inconsistent’ displays an almost inhuman, incomprehensible array of sounds and styles in under 4 minutes. The textured and uncertain intro builds tension, resulting in a bass laden, clicky groove. This is quickly followed by beefy, Noisia-esque drums and more impressive percussion and bass texturing.

‘Shlock’ on the other hand, backs up the swelling intro with snappy drums and powerful synth stabs that have all the hallmarks of a dancefloor damager. The glitchy second drop brings even more creative synth work to the forefront that results in a tune that is definitely a “tale of two halves''.

Forthcoming on the 4th of December, the Bristol boys offer up a seriously sophisticated slice of dancefloor Christmas fun, guaranteed to warm your cockles (or cause your tree to spontaneously combust!).

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