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DOWNLOAD 4 tracks

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Our resident Japanese producer Mountain - real name Shigeta Kamiyama - follows up his ‘Cold Breath’ EP on Soulvent from 2019 with more exciting music in the form of the ‘Colours’ EP; a 4-track further exploration of his explosive and undeniably exciting approach to drum & bass.

Title track ‘Colours’ delivers the youthful energy that has become a regular feature of his production: the swelling intro meets the glissando topline awash with pads. The riser gives way to elegantly simple synth stabs and clever layering, rounded off by a great counterpoint guitar line.

‘Trumpet Uncle’ is a perfectly named experimental offering to add to the blend. Mixing super punchy breaks with pulsating horns and synthesizers, this tune will certainly deliver some room-rattling resonance to your next rave.

‘Kyoto’, much like the city is named after, is more than worth your exploration. The plucking asian-inspired synth strings of the intro blend perfectly atop the belt-breakingly fat drum groove. Expect this tune to do some serious structural damage in the club.

Warm rhodes and jazz clav ring in the opening of ‘If This Gun Was Loaded’, it’s percolating synths finally lurching into cavernous bass and breaks. A satisfying arrangement of just a few well thought out ideas, packing a weighty, minimalistic punch to put the finishing touches on this work of art.

Available in all good stores on the 5th of June, come and see what Mountain can do with his expansive palette of sounds and a blank DAW canvas with the ‘Colours’ EP.

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