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ItÕs back to school for S.P.YÉ Med School that is, with his second killer 12_ on HospitalÕs experimental sister label. Dropping at the end of July, ÒGhost ShipÓ is an off the peg dancefloor rinse Ð with head down squelching synths and a vintage techstep drum work-out. The first S.P.Y release to feature an unambiguous 2-step approach to the rhythm track Ð ÒGhost ShipÓ still has that unmistakable S.P.Y sound Ð an incredible quality for such a new artist! On the flip comes ÒSilent SleeperÓ another hybrid monster, chosen by Fabio as his Òleft of the fieldÓ tune on BBC Radio 1 this is stand out material and no mistake. ItÕs dubstep but not as we know it! Grade-A half time, hybrid, swingbeatÉ call it what you will Ð itÕs the thinking mans rhythm and guaranteed to destroy the dance! Med School continues to push things forward and provide a breeding ground for the cutting edge of d&b. DonÕt Sleep!

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