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Firing straight from WhineyÕs ÔWaystoneÕ LP is the enchanting ÔSpheresÕ; a collaborative force of nature with fellow Med School maverick Keeno, made truly timeless by the sublime vocals of singer/songwriter Pippa Violets. Two more of Med SchoolÕs brightest stars have reworked its musical DNA into their own dynamic remixes. The infamous genre-splicer Lakeway has twisted up the tempo with the energetic trimmings of footwork, juke and jungle all alive in this melting pot of hybrid goodness. Plus thereÕs the phenomenal drum & bass stylings of the newly signed, Toronto-based Polaris. His own unique spin on ÔSpheresÕ is a stunning balance of enhanced depth and charged energy, perfect for in and out of the dance. A trait Polaris has perfected with his contributions to ÔFuture Sound of CanadaÕ, ÔNew Blood 016Õ, the ÔForza Horizon 4: Hospital SoundtrackÕ and HospitalÕs ultimate flagship compilation, ÔSick Music 2019Õ.

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