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During his brief but illustrious career, Etherwood has continually impressed with a sequence of elegant, liquid drum & bass rollers and he has worked his magic once again to create an idyllic summertime soundtrack in the form of 'Souvenirs', which made it's debut exclusively on Annie Mac's show on BBC Radio 1. The enticing and indelible vocals of Zara Kershaw are perfectly intertwined with Etherwood's moving piano chords for pure sunshine serenity. An instantly inviting track, taking a trip through perfectly progressive build-ups and delicate underlying percussion before falling head first into the sounds of a future festival classic. The single package includes three remixes, firmly moving Souvenirs from sunrise to sunset. Hospital Records' very own remix master S.P.Y takes us to the darker side, transforming 'Souvenirs' into an enrapturing bass-heavy shaker whilst maintaining Etherwood's soothing chord progressions and Zara's silky vocals. Ulterior Motive then step up with an alternative rework, filling up the night with waves of deep sub bass. Rounding up the remix trio, Friend Within unfolds Zara's mesmeric vocal hook into a thoughtful, hypnotic house hit. If that wasn't enough, the enchanting and charming 'Juicer' is a special vinyl-only feature that fuses trademark Etherwood soulfulness with bouncy rhythms to create a fun and uplifting treat for any proud record collector. ÒAbsolutely love that new one from Etherwood. I'll definitely be playing that one again.Ó - Annie Mac (BBC Radio 1) Mistajam's ÒRadio RipperÓ (BBC Radio 1Xtra)

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