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Ukrainian six-piece The Erised unveil their first EP on Med School. The band creates elegant electronic timbres led by frontwoman Sonya Sukorukova, whose sublime vocals deliver the emotive narrative of the music in powerful and absorbing fashion. The band also features two Med School favourites; Detail and Hidden Element, who have both previously featured in the labelÕs renowned ÔNew BloodÕ compilations. Lead track ÔPrayÕ is indicative of the quality and class abundant on the record. Passion-filled lyrics, cleverly crafted hooks, and graceful instrumentation inspire an immediate emotional connection with the story behind the song, driven by SukhorukovaÕs incredible vocal range. ÔA Way To Forget YouÕ exhibits an equally heartfelt tale before ÔThe Keys Are In My HandÕ and closing track ÔItÕs OverÕ highlight the bandÕs talents within the electronic sphere. Clinical drums and exquisite synths compliment the vocal delivery whilst guitars shimmer in this finely balanced EP. The Erised certainly represent Med SchoolÕs furthest step into new territory, embodying the abundance of raw talent that this exciting new act possesses.

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