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Your favourite futuristic dance duo Bop x Subwave are back on Hospital Records with their highly awaited debut album ‘Renaissaince’. Following on from the huge successes of their previous EPs ‘Love and Other Drugs’ and ‘Dream On’ which furthered solidified their commendable reputation in the electronic music scene, the pairing’s first-ever collaborative longplayer consists of 14 tracks which perfectly demonstrate their creative mastery and unmatched abilities to experiment with various styles spanning indie electronic, lo-fi jungle, garage, techno and more. The strikingly titled ‘Rave I Didn’t Know Was The Last’ is a glimmer into the now distant past of lockdowns and worldwide no-dance policies. Delving into a beautiful combination of garage and breakbeat influences, you’ll soon become immersed in hands-in-the-air piano stabs and downpitched vocal chops instantly taking you back to the last rave you blissfully danced the night away at.

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