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Having released his highly anticipated ‘Zen’ EP earlier in 2020 on Hospital Records, Unglued continues his explosive ascension with a jaw-breaking four-track follow up: ‘Total XTC’. With roots cemented in jungle, breaks and hardcore, Unglued injects his signature bassline badness into each tearout track, topped with euphoric classic house samples in the title track ‘Total XTC’, to hair-raising vocals from Truthos Mufasa in ‘War Dance’ featuring Whiney. Total XTC fires us through a prism of late 80s nostalgia with pitched-up soulful vocal samples from Charvoni’s feel-good classic house groover ‘Always There’. Dreamy pads and playful vintage notes set the scene. Soothingly sustained vocals swim over raw, metallic, jungle-infused drums that introduce the sub-destroying drop. A certified rave anthem that will have all the heads entranced. ‘War Dance’ raises adrenaline as Manchester-based Truthos Mufasa lays down slick and weighty bars that ricochet off skippy old skool-style drums right in the eye of the storm. Together, Unglued and Whiney conjure up bass-rumbling chaos as we’re pushed ‘right off the tracks’ with double-barrelled artillery in the heat of battle. Charging in with twisted swagger, ‘Got 2 Have’ is a squelchy bass-ridden stepper that screams Unglued all over. While ‘Pigeon Funk’ swoops in and stares you down with electrically-charged squarks and funk-fuelled flare. Introduced to jungle at an early age by his influential uncle Stoppy, Unglued demonstrates his ability to simultaneously stick and unpick these roots in his powerfully dynamic ‘Total XTC’ EP by fusing the old-skool style with his unique, forward-thinking flair. Unglued’s rise since his anthemic ‘If We Ever’ remix, has brought in over a hundred intercontinental shows since 2019, and regular support from some of the biggest players in the game, including Andy C, Noisia and Randall. Unglued is no stranger to spins on national airwaves, with BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac awarding him Hottest Record In The World for ‘Born In 94’, as well as regular support from Rene LaVice and Charlie Tee on Kiss Fresh. Everyone’s got their eyes stuck to Unglued!

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