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Taken from his highly anticipated third album ÔEx-MachinaÕ, on Hospital Records, Metrik has teamed up with Australian bass music titan ShockOne on ÔDying LightÕ which sees euphoric vocal hooks sung by Metrik himself complete with an electrifying bassline, destined to deliver energising vibrations worldwide. Incorporating new levels of power to the mix, Texas based dancefloor D+B icon Flite has worked up a supreme ripper of a remix. With releases on UKF, Pilot, Viper, and Liquicity, Flite is no stranger to cooking up untestable bangers, evidenced by his new-wave liquid anthems such as ÔJoyÕ and ÔDecisionsÕ. Gliding basslines ripple beneath MetrikÕs enrapturing vocals, accompanied by weighty drums and uplifting arpeggios. Distorted plucks champion the instantly recognisable melody, whilst distinctive pad swells throughout the breakdown breathe a new lease of life into the track. ÔEx MachinaÕ is an exhilarating and flawlessly executed evolution of MetrikÕs unique sonic identity, filled with high-octane frequencies and first-class dancefloor tear-ups such as his previous singles ÔWe Are The EnergyÕ, ÔParallel ft GrafixÕ and ÔAutomataÕ. Continuing to elevate his sound to new heights, MetrikÕs very own vocals and songwriting take centre stage throughout his latest studio album, and have already seen support from leading dance music tastemakers such as Annie Mac, MistaJam, Rene La Vice, Charlie Tee, and Shadow Child to name a few.

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